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Hire and Lessons

Club Events:-

Once a month during the summer season , starting in October, on  Sunday mornings, the CWA runs  "A learn to windsurf " day for adults and children using learner windsurf gear.

This is located at the Christchurch estuary from Scott park , please see our events calendar to find the "WS Beginner Day" for the days and time.

Cwa Learn To Windsurf.

This is a free introduction into windsurf open to all, members & non members.

The CWA provides the boards & sails, and  members will be there to help the learners.

Items to bring if you need them:

  • Sunscreen
  • Lifejackets
  • Wetsuits
  • Booties
  • Towel

The CWA is providing a free service with non-paid volunteers .

  1. It is up to participants to to ensure that they are fit and able to participate .
  2. It is up to participants to have the necessary water skills to ensure that they are able to swim & navigate themselves in deep water.
  3. ALL participants under 18yrs must have an adult or guardian present at ALL times during participation
  4. The CWA will take necessary precautions to ensure a safe activity, but participants must be aware this is a FREE service, and all liability is the participants .



Hire and lessons:-

In conjunction with Naval Point club at Lyttleton, we run windsurf schools during the summer season for a limited number of pupils on Saturday mornings commencing at 9:00am.

Please contact Andrea on either:-

email - or Phone - 3288755


There are two retail outlets in Christchurch for lessons and rental of gear, please visit these sites below for more information



Available to members only

As a member you have access to a limited range of learner windsurf gear for adults and children.

Please contact Andrea on either:-

email - or Phone - 3288755


Windsurf Beginner Days

Windsurf Beginner Days