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Windsurfing and kiting, in and around Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

Canterbury Windsports Association Inc. - Windsurfing and kiting, in and around Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

Speed Sailing

Speed Sailing Results - Windsurfing

CWA Windsurf Speed Sailing Trophy - based on the average of 5 fastest speeds over 2 secs (Each speed set on different days)

Speed Sailing Trophy- Awarded for 5 fastest 2second runs

Speed Sailing Trophy- Awarded for 5 fastest 2second runs

Season Mens Knts Womens Knts
2016 2017  Dan Willemse  
2015 2016  Dan Willemse 39.36  
2014 2015 Dan Willemse 40.90  Jessie Smith 18.5
2013 2014 Mike Sinclair 38.66
2012 2013 Mike Sinclair 40.63
2011 2012 Mike Sinclair 38.35
2010 2011 Mike Sinclair 38.48 Nicola Taylor 31.94
2009 2010 Mike Sinclair 38.66 - - -
2008 2009 Mike Sinclair 39.21  Lucy Waters 31.13
2007 2008 Mike Sinclair 41.12 Nicola Taylor 30.8
2006 2007 Glen Taylor 41.13 Nicola Taylor 30.2
2005 2006 Rob Dinkelaar 40.3 Nicola Taylor 27.3

To compare speeds on the worldwide stage - GPS Speedsurfing 

Speed Sailing Results - Kitesurfing

Details to come .


Speed Contest Rules & Regulations

Rules & Info on the CWA Speed contest
  • - Any location in NZ as long as CWA member .
  • (Member has to be Canterbury resident - Where your mail goes )
  • - Contest season runs from 1 April to 31 March each year.
  • - The only requirements are having a GPS unit that data can be downloaded from. ( Lycosis GT11 /GT 31)
  • - The results used for the season will be an average of an individuals 5 fastest times - (only the fastest time from each day.)
  • Any draw - fastest individual time will be used - then the next fastest & so on.
  • - Doppler data & software calculated speed will be used  as opposed to positional data & screen times.
  • - The time used will be max 2 second run . (For software calculated speed).
  • - GPS unit has to set up to record data according to instructions laid out under GPS set up.
  • - This data has to be downloaded from the gps unit & analysised. Reccomended software :
  • GPS Action Replay
    GPS Action Replay PRO - Good for Macs
    Real speed
    GPS Results
  • - Data has to given to the timekeeper  so times can be registered
  • - EVERYONES 5 Fastest times (GPX / SBN FILES) must be sent to the timekeeper.
  • - SEND your GPX / SBN files to - no exceptions. No Files No results .........
  • If the setup seems complicated and difficult register with the time keeper - - and they will instruct/help members on their way.

  • Christchurch 500m Speed Trophy

    500m Speed Sailing Trophy

    500m Speed Sailing Trophy 

    Rules Requirements:
    Fastest speed average over 500 meters.

    ·    The highest 500 meter speed by the cut off date (one week before CWSA prize giving) will win this cup.

    ·    Class:open (male or female)


    Christchurch area
    All local Canterbury Beaches
    Lake Ellesmere
    Lyttleton harbour
    Christchurch Estuary.
    Excludes the high country lakes


    Register as part of local speed team.

    The GPS Team Challenge is a windsurfing event based on average team scores across 6 event disciplines using GPS technology. Teams from across Australia ,NZ & other countries are eligible to enter the event, with a minimum of two members per team required.
    The event disciplines are:

    • 2 sec gps max;
    • 5 x 10sec gps average;
    • 1 hour gps max;
    • Nautical Mile gps max;
    • Alpha racing;
    • maximum distance travelled in a single session.

    On each day (a session) the 2 best scores in each discipline by any of a teams members are averaged and that is the teams score for that category. Each team member can submit their own scores or the captain can do it for team members. The data base calculates a team ranking and allocates a score. Teams are ranked with best performances receiving lowest scores, with lowest cumulative scores, ranking best. The competition runs annually, and the team with the lowest score across all disciplines over the 12 months of the yearly challenge is declared the winner.


    - Speed sailing is fun - BUT it is dangerous - so be safe.....
    *** Reckless sailors will be barred ! 
    *** Always have a sailing/kiting buddy  when speedsailing !
    *** Give way to learners & kiters & and other water users
    *** DON'T SAIL close to others